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B12 Vitamin Facts

B12 vitamin is one of many B vitamins that are essential to maintaining our health and well being. Vitamin B12 is also know as Cobalamin. Our bodies need to convert the carbs, fats and proteins in the food we eat into energy, B12 is needed in order to do this. B12 is also essential for creating healthy red blood cells, making this one of its most important functions. The body uses this healthy blood to help prevent heart disease. Vitamin B12 is also crucial for the immune system to function efficiently. In addition B12 vitamins help to form a protective shell over the bodies nerve cells.

While B12 vitamin is essential to produce the red blood cells, these are not the only cells that need it. As a matter of fact every cell in the body needs B12, these include the nerve cells as well as white blood cells. If B12 vitamin was not available, the white blood cells would not be as effective to the immune system as they are with it, and the bodies ability to fight viruses and germs would be reduced. B12 also creates a fatty layer which protects the nerve cells from being damaged. If there is not enough B12 in the system, the brain cells are particularly venerable to damage or disease as this protective layer is not present.

B12 VitaminYou may be surprised to find that the amount of B12 vitamin the body needs on a daily basis is very small even though so many functions depend on it. Actually most people take in more than the body needs. However the body cannot easily absorb the B12 vitamin so it has to aid itself in the process. The bodies gastric intrinsic factor produces a glycoprotein in the stomach which absorbs the B12 that is needed. This however uses only half of the vitamin which is available. It is very rare for most people to be B12 deficient as the body can recycle what has already been absorbed.

If there is a lack of B12 vitamin in the diet, some people may develop anemia. Since children are fussy about what they eat, they sometimes do not get enough B12, so it is necessary to encourage them to eat a wide variety of foods. This is also important for other essential vitamins and minerals in addition to vitamin B12.

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