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Niacin And Statins

niacin and statinsNiacin and statins have been prescribed by physicians for a number of years to help treat cholesterol problems. The thought has been that by adding niacin along with the statin medicines the combination lowers the LDL cholesterol and an added benefit was that raising of the HDL levels.

In this article by the University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter and the School of Public Health they discuss the recent AIM-HIGH study which documented the use of niacin and statins.


Niacin + Statins: The Mighty Duo?

Called AIM-HIGH, the study involved 3,400 people with a history of cardiovascular disease who were already taking a statin to lower their LDL but still had low HDL and high triglycerides. Their statin doses were adjusted so they achieved the LDL target of less than 80. Some subjects were then also given high-dose extended-release prescription niacin (Niaspan), with the expectation that it would offer extra protection by raising HDL and lowering triglycerides.

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While the study was stopped due to the stroke concern for the study group participants there may still be benefits for others, There is a new study of the combination of niacin and statins which should have results in 2013 which may clarify the questions.

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