All The Benefits Of Niacin Clearly Explained

Side Effects Of Niacin

There are side effects of niacin that you need to be aware of if you are prescribed high doses. Niacin treatments for various medical issues have been recommended by some health care professionals. If you have been diagnosed with having high LDL cholesterol, high triglyceride’s or risk of heart attack, your physician may prescribe niacin in an effort to reduce the cholesterol levels and prevent cardiac problems. Please be aware that the side effects of niacin could create a serious health issue or just a simple annoyance.

If a person takes 75 mg of niacin this is considered a high dose. Every person will have different side effects based on the amount of niacin taken. When taken in large doses, niacin can cause various side effects such as stomach, liver, or skin problems as well as birth defects, cardiac arrhythmias or hyperglycemia.

Side Effects of Niacin

Acanthosis Nigricans

The side effects of niacin to the skin may include rashes, itching, dry skin or flushing when using niacin. There have also been complaints of tingling or prickly skin feelings. Acanthosis Nigricans is one to the rashes that can happen due to high niacin intake. Acanthosis Nigricans will appear as fuzzy skin patches that are dark in color. This skin condition will usually appear on the arms, neck or in the area of the groin.

Niacin flush is another side effect of taking high amounts of niacin. An uncomfortable feeling similar to a hot flash is the flushing side effects of niacin. This flushing means that the niacin is working in the body.

Another of the side effects of niacin when large amounts of niacin is in the system is indigestion. You may feel nausea, gas or even have diarrhea. As well as these stomach problems, another side effect of niacin in large doses can be ulcers. If you have dark stools these can be a sign of internal bleeding which can be a severe reaction to niacin. Report any dark stools to your doctor right away.

When niacin therapy is given in large doses liver failure or other liver issues can occur. People who take large amount of niacin my have yellow eyes which is a sign of liver issues.

As niacin can increase blood sugar levels in diabetics, they should avoid taking high doses. An indicator of diabetes is high triglyceride’s which can be lowered by niacin. But if blood sugars increase due to large doses of niacin this contradicts the benefits of niacin for triglyceride treatments.

Women who are pregnant do not want to take large doses due to what the side effects of niacin can do. Birth defects have been caused by women taking large doses while pregnant. To prevent problems for your baby you need to discuss any medication with your medical professional while pregnant.

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